A Welsh woman in our Welsh Country Garden!

Mrs.Lynfa Phillips, a board member of Groundwork Merthyr & Rhondda Cynon Taff came to Joyo on her holidays on 29th of October.
When she visited Joyo last year, it was already dark and we couldn’t show our garden. Eventually, she stepped in our Welsh Country Garden.
Looking back, it was  on her first visit to Joyo in 2007 with Margaret, Executive Director of Groundwork Merthyr & Rhondda Cynon Taff, and Peter from Forestry commision when the idea of Welsh Country Garden first came to the world!

Kawaguchi residence’s renovation will be finished very shortly.Opening ceremony will be held on 12th of December!

About 20 of local people gathered to have evening meal with Lynfa.
Lynfa’s visit has become our annual event!

Next year, she will stay overnight at Kawaguchi residence!

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The welsh country garden of Joyo – Opening

Yesterday on the 30th of March we opened the WelshCountryGarden in Joyo with our guests from Wales, Jan and Bethan. We had a little opening ceremony with members of Groundwork Fukuoka and people from the city of Joyo. Speeches were held from all the sides, including the mayor of Yame, Mr. Otani and our welsh guests.

Afterwards we went to the Restaurant “Heart” which is inside the Firefly and Stonebridge Hall (Hotaru to Ishibashikan) and had a little tea-party to celebrate the event with fine food, made by the restaurants staff and tea from Wales.


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The Welsh Country Garden of Joyo – planting

Saturday, the 22nd of March. Early in the morning the day started with buying hundreds of young herb-plants. New life for a project that is as beautiful as each of these plants of its own.

After guessing and thinking where the plants should be set in best, we already started digging the fist holes. It took hours and hours, to set them all in and additionally vegetables and flowers were planted as well so that the result became a big variety of herbal life, promising to grow well and beautiful. After the roots will strike we can expect a little, green paradise with a smell like spring itself, consisting of hundred of different scents.

This planting event persisted the whole day, but in the end we are happy about the outcome.


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The Welsh Country garden in Joyo – constructing the main part


After a long time of preparations and planning we were ready to construct the basic element of the country garden in Joyo. On this weekend, from the 23rd to the 24th of February we gathered members of Groundwork Fukuoka and people from Joyo to help us building the flower/herb beds which are the main part of the whole garden.

We began on Saturday morning, preparing the ground, made it flat, so we could erect the beds correct. Afterwards the timbers had to be put on the same level, must be screwed together and filled with sand. This was the most time keeping and exhausting part of the weekend, since we had to dig a lot of earth with our own hands (with shovels of course), as the excavator couldn’t go everywhere.

But we did it on time and finished on Sunday afternoon, worn out but happy.
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The Welsh country garden in Joyo- preparing timbers

On the 16th of February we gathered in Joyo to prepare timbers for flower beds.
First Mr.Tateishi a member of Groundwork Fukouka, who is a carpenter, showed us how to use the machines. Then we started working in sections: plaining, carrying timbers, measuring and also put on marks to cut the wood. We cut all of the timbers in the morning, made holes on them for screws and painted preservative on it in the afternoon.
  I tried— it’s not so easy as it looks
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