Intern Report: Herb garden

Once again Groundwork Fukuoka went to the “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, to care for the schools herb garden. We went there on Saturday 05.12. The school is located quiet far outside of Fukuoka city, so we had to go there by car. After our arrival we prepared things for the event. Slowly more and more people from Panasonic and from the school itself came to the place and signed in with their name. At 9:30 am the event started officially. We began with a short game, where everybody has to present himself in a small group of 3 to 10 people. After that, the different working groups were presented by a member of Groundwork Fukuoka. All in all there were five groups.

The first one pruned the herbs and removed the weeds from the flower beds. The second group planted pansies and field mustards on the largest flower beds available. The third group was asked to put wooden frames for herbs together. The fourth group started cleaning the small creek and biotop in the center of the garden. It was full of seaweed, so they had to clean it. I attended this group. After cleaning was finished we started painting the small bridges, which lead over the pond and the creek. The last group prepared lunch for everybody, because we would have had lunch together after the work was finished.

At 10 am the work began. The weather was pretty good with a lot of sunshine overall in the beginning. Although it was very cold, everybody was motivated. Further, as soon as all the people began to work, they would be warm.

We finished the work very fast, because we had a lot of motivated people, who helped also each other out.

At 12 pm we had relaxed lunch together. The fifth group made wonderful pizza, curry and baked potato, which were all very delicious.

At 13 pm most of the people went back home. Only the staff from groundwork Fukuoka remained to clean up the whole place and get all the materials needed back in the cars. After that we also went back home.

Summarizing, it was a pretty nice day with a lot of fun. The result from our work was very good. Therefore we could help to clean the school garden for visually impaired children once again. This is an important project also for the future.



Written by Lion


Intern report: Herb garden

Once again Groundwork Fukuoka went to the “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, to care for the schools herb garden. But it was not only the staff of Groundwork Fukuoka I went with. Arriving at the school, 7 members of the NPO Green caravan and 3 members of Groundwork Fukuoka already waited to lend their hands with the work in the garden. We started work at around 10o’clock and finished at 2 p.m.

Arriving at 10o’clock, the sun shined and it looked like it would gonna be an awesome weather to do some work in the garden. But as fast as one noticed the nice weather, as fast it started to rain. All day long the weather switched between short parts of heavy rain and nice sunshine. Once one got used to the rain it was a comfortable day to work.

The extremely high grass was first to be cut by 4 people while the others where supposed to remove the weed from the flowers and plants. It was a hard work sometimes since the weed’s roots used to stick deep in the ground.

After mowing, the freshly cut grass was pulled together and removed from the garden. Meanwhile, one of the volunteers searched for the best reed to create a curtain for the sitting corner. It looked very good in the end.


In the end it was an awesome day on which everyone had fun and was glad to be able to help. The result of our work did it’s best to motivate for the next time. Therefore it was nice to feel a bit tired at then end, knowing for what one had worked.

written by Daniel

(Intern Report) Monthly cleaning efforts at herb garden

This time during the cleaning efforts on the 15th of May at “Herb Garden” next to the “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind children, the weather was really nice and about 8 or 9 volunteers came to help.

Because the sun was shining the whole day, we could give the little bridges a new paint with preservative so that they are now looking like in mint condition.


We also weeded the flower beds and cut the grass around the flower-boxes.



Even if it was really hot this day and the work was a little bit exhausting, it was great to see the change in the end. Every time the volunteers are working at herb garden the place becomes more and more beautiful which is motivating everyone of us to continue the work next month.


(Intern Report) Spring-Cleaning at Herb Garden

On the 23rd of April about 80 volunteer workers came to “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, to renew the herb garden next by and to experience the sense of community during volunteer work.

A lot of newly-hired employees from the Fukuoka Financial Group joined the work for volunteer experience this time. Some workers of the “Green-Caravan” Non-Profit-Organisation, families of the school and of course members from Groundwork Fukuoka came to help with the cleaning efforts as usual.
Before we started, “Herb Garden” was in a really bad condition and everybody knew that a lot of work needed to be done.

DSCF3708   DSCF3710

After all volunteers arrived and got introduced by the schools director, we split up in several groups to clean up different parts of the garden.
One group was responsible for the flower-beds. They were removing old weeds and planting new flowers.

DSCF3734   DSCF3729

The most of the volunteers were moving the lawn and collecting the cut grass.

DSCF3728   DSCF3732

An other team was restoring the biotope with cleaning the creek and garden paths.

DSCF3725   DSCF3737

A few people were cleaning the pavilion and removing weeds from the floor plates.

DSCF3718   DSCF3747

After two or three hours, we finished our work around 4 o`clock in the afternoon. Even if it was a little bit cold and rainy on this day, everybody enjoyed their time at “Herb Garden” and was happy to see the result afterwards.


(Intern Report) Monthly cleaning efforts at herb garden

Like every second Tuesday of a month, members from Groundwork Fukuoka and volunteer workers met at “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind children, on the 12th of March, for the seasonal clean up at the school`s herb garden.


The weather was really nice and around 10 people were helping to restore the little garden on this beautiful day. In a couple of hours we were able to refurbish the flower beds and to weed the garden paths. Even the work was protracted, everybody enjoyed the time in the sun and were happy to see the changes we could achieve in this short time.


In the end all participants were satisfied with their work and after cleaning the garden tools we had a rest while eating sweet cookies and delicious kiwis. All in all it was a successful event!