Testamonial Internship

I did an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka from the 25 November, 2015 to 9 February, 2016. I decided to choose Groundwork Fukuoka because I wanted to experience a real Japanese business which has a lot of cultural and environmental relationships. I had to work every week from Monday to Wednesday and my work times were usually from 10 am to 3 pm. However, these days and times varied occasionally because of the different events Groundwork Fukuoka organizes.

My main task in the office was to update the Japanese and English blogs, wherefore I often had to translate Japanese into English text. This was very difficult for me, because I had only taken two months of language courses at Asahi Nihongo language school before. Therefore, translations with a lot of unknown Kanjis were quite challenging.

Another big task was to think about Groundwork Fukuoka´s projects from the perspective of a foreign person. For example, Groundwork Fukuoka wants to rebuild an old folk house in the Yame area into a traditional Japanese restaurant. This restaurant should also be used by foreign people. Thus, they asked me to think on how to market this project to foreign people. Therefore, I came up with different ideas which were discussed in a meeting later on.

My other tasks in the office were preparing letters to be sent and redesign flyers or price tags. On the weekends, there were often events organized. For example, we went together to the traditional “Herb Garden” project held by Groundwork Fukuoka in cooperation with Panasonic. The garden is located next to a school for visually impaired children. Together we cleaned the whole garden and made it beautiful again. After that we had lunch together.

Another event took place on the same weekend as the “Herb Garden” event. We went to an open field in a rural area outside of Fukuoka city and met with people of this area. Together we harvested a lot of different vegetables which were sold by Groundwork Fukuoka afterwards. We prepared the field again to be planted with new vegetables in the upcoming spring.

All in all, the internship at Groundwork Fukuoka was a great experience for me and I would recommend it to all of you. Especially, the staff of Groundwork Fukuoka is very nice and we had a lot of fun together.

When I am back in Germany, I will probably do another internship. Further, I am going to prepare for my studies which will begin around September.

Thank you so much for the pleasant time!!


Sentences by Lion



9th Umi-fureai farm event

On March 6th (Sunday), as the last year is already over, the first activity of the New Year will be held at the “Umi-fureai farm”. Fureai means good interaction among people in Japanese.

Because of the cold temperatures the farm had to rest during the winter activities.
However, as spring is coming closer and the temperatures becoming warmer and warmer, the soil of this farm gets ready to be planted with several vegetables.

Since two years ago, Groundwork Fukuoka has taken advantage of the idle farmland of Umi-town and acts as a multi-generation meeting place for children up to the elderlies.
The vegetables, which will be planted first this year, are potatoes and leeks!

By all means, please feel free to join the event, even also if you have no experience yet.

We are looking forward to see you.

(Contact information)
NPO Groundwork Fukuoka
TEL 092-414-1234 / E-mail info@gwfukuoka.org

Umi Freai Farm

(Translation and design of the flyer by Lion)



Announcing the 9th summit of bamboo forest in Asakura

Japan is one of the most wooded countries in the world.

However, in the last years through to rapid changes in economy, industry and Japanese lifestyle, the bamboo tree loses more and more of its value. At many places the bamboo forests were just deforested.

Therefore, the thoughts of many people should be combined to create possibilities on how to raise awareness of this future problem. Thus, we invite you to the following event.


◆ Date: February 20, 2016 (Sat)
(12:30 reception; 13:00 Opening – 16:30 scheduled end)
◆ Location: Amagi Mizuno Bunka Mura
(831, Yanotake, Asakura City)
◆ Program:
– Activity report by bamboo forest activist group in Fukuoka
– Keynote speech by bamboo forest utilization advisor Mr. Shigeyuki Nonaka

– Exchange meeting (18:30̴)

※Contact to Groundwork Fukuoka Secretary office 【TEL】092-414-1234

※The event is also presented by Fukuoka NPO volunteer center under the following link



Art & Retro Tour in Kurokawa Fukuoka

A cooperation business between JTB Kyushu and Groundwork Fukuoka will bring foreigners to the “Art & Retro Tour in Kurokawa Fukuoka” from February 2 (Tue) to February 19 (Fri). This is not a tour to the general tourists spot, but it is a tour which allows you to experience the goodness and the culture of the mountainous area by touching the original Japanese landscape. The foreign people are the focus of this event.

If there are any people who could be interested in this tour, please feel free to inform them.




Sentence by Dozono, Translation by Lion


New Year’s first field activities

On January 11 (Monday) we did our first fieldwork around New Year!!

This month we didn’t held our event called Umi Freai Noen, which we have held monthly in 2015. Only we, the staff from Groundwork Fukuoka, went there and picked up the potatoes, which we left in December last year. Additionally we also burned the fields and brought compost, in order to prepare the field for the next spring.

As we face towards spring and summer we are currently planning which kind of vegetable we want to plant next. This is a lot of fun.

The next Umi Freai Noen event is also planned for the beginning of spring. So if you do not want to miss any update on this upcoming event, please visit our Facebook page and Homepage for further information.

(Sentences by Dozono, Translation by Lion)