About us

NPO (non-profit organzation) Groundwork Fukuoka
Founded: December 20, 2002
President: Kawano Yasuharu (former Professor of Architectural Engineering, Fukuoka University)


HUMAN LINK (ties between people)
We want to create a 22nd century community where everyone can live happily in a barrier-free society in a real sense.


Starting from Groundwork’s very early days, the aims of our work have always been

  • to inform about environmental problems
  • to conserve and to enrich the social environment that we live in
  • not to act just for one’s own personal and immediate needs
  • focusing on our children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s acts in the future of the next century
  • being able to live freely despite physical restrictions in a society with the purpose to enable everyone to live happily – now and in the future.

Our slogan

“You are wonderful!”

During all our activities we noticed the magnificence of the unique, individual character of every single child and appreciate the purity of every single human being. Our slogan contains our faith in the ability of everyone to warmly accept and to welcome other people in order to create an uncomplicated and enjoyable atmosphere.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Kaori and colleagues

    On behalf of all staff at Groundwork Caerphilly and community members who met you during your visit, we would like to enquire after your wellbeing after the sad and tragic events in Japan.

    You are in our thoughts.

    Best wishes

    Katy Stevenson
    and the team from Groundwork Caerphilly.

  2. To Katy

    Thanks for the message.
    Although where we are wasn’t affeceted by the earthquake and Tsunami, we feel so sad and distressed with the serious situation in up north of our country.
    We’re going to support rebuilding the community and life there as much as possible with other Groundwork organizations in Japan.


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