Self-Introduction: Marcel

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Hello, my name is Marcel. I am from Austria and 25 years old. I am currently studying Sports-, Culture- and Eventmanagement at the FH Kufstein in Tyrol (Austria) and will graduate this summer. In my last semester I have to do an internship which I wanted to do in Japan and luckily be able to do at Groundwork Fukuoka from March to June 2016.

The reason why I have become so keen on Japan was due to two occasions. First, unknowingly growing up with Anime from Japan in my childhood, it was my passion to these kinds of series and pure curiosity which dragged me deeper and deeper into the japanese culture. After a lot of researching and reading about this totally different culture, I set my mind to visit and explore Japan when I grew older. It took only a few years until my dream could come true. During my studies it is mandatory to do a semester abroad, which didn´t take me long to set my destination. After the registration, planning and booking, I was finally being able to visit Japan und studied for one semester in Osaka in 2015. With a lot of enthusiasm and excitement I travelled around and explored as much as I could. Throughout this great time I really fell in love with this country, which encouraged me on deciding to do my Internship here as well and further enhance my japanese skills and knowledge of the japanese culture.

I am really looking forward to this internship and the next 4 months, which will definitely be a great time in my life.

Written by Marcel


Testamonial Internship

I did an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka from the 25 November, 2015 to 9 February, 2016. I decided to choose Groundwork Fukuoka because I wanted to experience a real Japanese business which has a lot of cultural and environmental relationships. I had to work every week from Monday to Wednesday and my work times were usually from 10 am to 3 pm. However, these days and times varied occasionally because of the different events Groundwork Fukuoka organizes.

My main task in the office was to update the Japanese and English blogs, wherefore I often had to translate Japanese into English text. This was very difficult for me, because I had only taken two months of language courses at Asahi Nihongo language school before. Therefore, translations with a lot of unknown Kanjis were quite challenging.

Another big task was to think about Groundwork Fukuoka´s projects from the perspective of a foreign person. For example, Groundwork Fukuoka wants to rebuild an old folk house in the Yame area into a traditional Japanese restaurant. This restaurant should also be used by foreign people. Thus, they asked me to think on how to market this project to foreign people. Therefore, I came up with different ideas which were discussed in a meeting later on.

My other tasks in the office were preparing letters to be sent and redesign flyers or price tags. On the weekends, there were often events organized. For example, we went together to the traditional “Herb Garden” project held by Groundwork Fukuoka in cooperation with Panasonic. The garden is located next to a school for visually impaired children. Together we cleaned the whole garden and made it beautiful again. After that we had lunch together.

Another event took place on the same weekend as the “Herb Garden” event. We went to an open field in a rural area outside of Fukuoka city and met with people of this area. Together we harvested a lot of different vegetables which were sold by Groundwork Fukuoka afterwards. We prepared the field again to be planted with new vegetables in the upcoming spring.

All in all, the internship at Groundwork Fukuoka was a great experience for me and I would recommend it to all of you. Especially, the staff of Groundwork Fukuoka is very nice and we had a lot of fun together.

When I am back in Germany, I will probably do another internship. Further, I am going to prepare for my studies which will begin around September.

Thank you so much for the pleasant time!!


Sentences by Lion


Introduction of the new intern


Hello, my name is Cécile. I’m from Switzerland and 20 years old. At the moment I’m studying Japanese Studies and Popular Cultures at University of Zurich. I’d like to graduate next summer. Until the end of August I’ll do an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka.

My hobbies are travelling, languages, cooking, music, sports, meeting people and many more.

I’m interested in Asia since I was a child; in the food, the languages, the letters, the people and basically anything different. In primary school a friend showed me some Manga and I started to be especially interested in Japan. Because the different culture and language captivated me, I finally decided to study Japanese studies.

This is my third time visiting Japan. In 2013 I went to a language school in Fukuoka for one month and last summer I spent a month in Tokyo and joined an intercultural project. This time I decided to do an internship so I have more contact with the japanese people and culture and can improve my Japanese. Besides, I’d like see what working here is like, because I intend to work in Japan after my graduation.

I’m looking forward to a great internship!

Intern’s self-introduction: Sherilyn

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Hello, my name is Sherilyn. I am from Germany, Berlin and I am 23 years old. I am currently studying Sociology and Japanese studies, but I will graduate this summer. Starting from April on, I will do an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka for eight weeks.

I have become interested in Japan back in 2008 through music. When I visited Japan for the ­first time in 2009, I fell in love with this country. I started learning Japanese by myself, but decided to go to a language school in 2009 here in Fukuoka.

Although this is already my 7th time visiting Japan, it is the first time I am going to do an internship. Furthermore I started studying, as already been said, Japanese Studies and Sociology from 2012 on. During my studies, I have put the focus of my interest into the Japanese society. Besides that, I love the language and the culture. I am planning to write my bachelor thesis about the integration of socially disadvantaged people and marginal groups in Japan, that is why I thought Groundwork Fukuoka, which’s aim it is to work for a barrier-free society in which people can live happily, would be very interesting for me and I could learn a lot.

For my hobbies, I like drawing portraits, mostly of my favorite artists and listening to music.

I am looking forward to this internship!

intern report: self-introduction

My name is Isabel and I will do an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka from the 15th of January until the 13th of February. I am from Berlin, the capital of Germany and 19 years old. I am interested in foreign languages and enjoy learning English and Japanese in my free time. Since I have a lot of time left until I enter university I decided on going to japan in order to improve my Japanese skills. That’s why I applied for the work and holiday visa after I graduated high school and left Germany on the 15th of November. I think that the experience I will gain while working here will be helpful for my future career or further studies. I am looking forward to work at Groundwork Fukuoka.