Announcement of the 2nd Umi Freai Farm Event in the new fiscal year

The event will be held on the 1st of May. The onions, which we planted in last year’s autumn, have finally reached their time to be harvested. After performing the field activities in the first hour, we will make a cultivation plan about which vegetables we are going to plant this year at the meeting place in Shoujidake. Afterwards, we will have lunch together where we are going to make use of our freshly harvested onions. Please sign up in advance if you want to participate.


        Date and Time: Sunday 1st of May 2016 from approximately 10:00 to 13:00 o´clock.                                         The event will take place regardless of the weather.

        Location:     Umi Freai Farm (Kasuya District Umi-town Shoujidake south 2-chome,15)

        Fee:               300 Yen (children are free) – includes food and organizational expenses

        Subjects:     harvesting onions                                                                                                                                           taking care of other vegetables (covering with earth, removing buds)                                                making a ridge and planting summer vegetables                                                                                     creating a cultivation calendar for the upcoming year




Umi Freia Farm Event Report

On Sunday 3rd of April Groundwork Fukuoka held once again their monthly event in the town Umi.

As usual we picked up all the necessary stuff from a members private house and prepared everything at the field. Around 10 a.m. About 14 people in total gathered and helped to fulfill today’s tasks.

First we started with cleaning the field from weed IMG_5788followed by planting broccoli and cabbage. To protect the growing vegetables we netted a bug net over the planted part of the field. IMG_5832

                    In the meantime some people mixed again the soil of some other part of the patch which I did last time. The soil was now ready to grow new vegetables and we planted radish seeds into the ground. At last, like the last time, we planted again Livingstone Daisy Flowers which were prepared by us one month ago. After planting and cleaning up the place we were done about midday.


Though the event was over, there were a few small tasks left which were done only by Groundwork Fukuoka. In the afternoon we bought potato seedlings at the gardening center and planted them next to the radish seeds. Furthermore we collected some older potato seedlings from another vegetable patch to grow them in the same place like the new ones. At around 4 p.m. we were finished with everything and went home as well.

Even though the weather was cloudy, it was still pretty warm and only a few light rainfalls occurred during the day. Thanks to the support from everybody the work was done pretty fast and we all enjoyed the time together.

Written by Marcel

Announcement of the Umi Freai Farm Event in April

This week on Sunday, Groundwork Fukuoka will hold the first Umi Freia Farm Event of this year’s fiscal year. This event is a place where it gives you an opportunity for a multigenerational exchange (from children to adults) through various farm activities. While learning from each other we grow vegetables with organic pesticide and non-chemical fertilizer. Why aren´t you coming and enjoying the field activities together with us?

Date and Time:        Sunday 3rd of April

Location:                   Umi Freai Farm (Kasuya District Umi-town Shoujidake south 2-chome, 15)

Access:                        Just a few steps from the Nishitetsu “Shoujidake” bus stop

Subject:                      planting of spring vegetables

To bring with:           towel, something to drink and motivation to work

Intern Report: Umi Freai Farm Event

On Sunday 13th Groundwork Fukuoka held their monthly event in the town Umi. Unlike one week before, when the event first should have been held, the foreshadowed rain didn´t occurred at all which was quite in our favor.

The small town is a bit outside of Fukuoka so we had to go there by car. First we went to the private house of a member of Groundwork, where we picked up all the necessary materials like shovel, pickaxe, seeds, flower soil etc. After that we unloaded and prepared everything for the event at the field site. About 9:30 o´clock, when everything was prepared and ready, 15 people in total gathered and took part this time.

At first we started with removing the weed from the potato bed. Afterwards we put flower soil and seeds into small plant pots which then were poured with water to help them grow over the next few weeks. In the meantime somebody strew lime fertilizer over some part of the vegetable patch while I mixed it with the soil, which was done to prepare the bed for the next farming. At last we planted a lot of flowers called Livingstone Daisy which were prepared the last time, in front of the wall next to the field. I am really looking forward to see how they will grow over the next few months.

Summarizing, the event made a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed themselves. All the tasks were done pretty fast because everybody was motivated and helped each other. Therefore we were done about launch time and after cleaning up together everybody went back home.


Written by Marcel

Notification regarding Umi Freai Farm Event

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Groundwork Fukuoka will hold the Umi Freai Farm Event on March 13th.The event was first set to take place on 6th of March but had to be postponed due to heavy rain.

On this Sunday, we are going to plant potatoes and herb seeds. The grown potatoes will then be harvested in June. Herbs are used as companion plants to assist the growth of several summer vegetables.

According to the weather forecast, it might rain this Sunday again but the event will only be canceled in case of heavy rain. Please feel free to join us!

Written by Dozono