Intern Report: Herb garden

Once again Groundwork Fukuoka went to the “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, to care for the schools herb garden. We went there on Saturday 05.12. The school is located quiet far outside of Fukuoka city, so we had to go there by car. After our arrival we prepared things for the event. Slowly more and more people from Panasonic and from the school itself came to the place and signed in with their name. At 9:30 am the event started officially. We began with a short game, where everybody has to present himself in a small group of 3 to 10 people. After that, the different working groups were presented by a member of Groundwork Fukuoka. All in all there were five groups.

The first one pruned the herbs and removed the weeds from the flower beds. The second group planted pansies and field mustards on the largest flower beds available. The third group was asked to put wooden frames for herbs together. The fourth group started cleaning the small creek and biotop in the center of the garden. It was full of seaweed, so they had to clean it. I attended this group. After cleaning was finished we started painting the small bridges, which lead over the pond and the creek. The last group prepared lunch for everybody, because we would have had lunch together after the work was finished.

At 10 am the work began. The weather was pretty good with a lot of sunshine overall in the beginning. Although it was very cold, everybody was motivated. Further, as soon as all the people began to work, they would be warm.

We finished the work very fast, because we had a lot of motivated people, who helped also each other out.

At 12 pm we had relaxed lunch together. The fifth group made wonderful pizza, curry and baked potato, which were all very delicious.

At 13 pm most of the people went back home. Only the staff from groundwork Fukuoka remained to clean up the whole place and get all the materials needed back in the cars. After that we also went back home.

Summarizing, it was a pretty nice day with a lot of fun. The result from our work was very good. Therefore we could help to clean the school garden for visually impaired children once again. This is an important project also for the future.



Written by Lion


(Intern Report) March 9 2013 – cleanup efforts in Joyo Village

In Joyo Village and surrounding area a lot of things got destroyed by the heavy rainfall and the floodwaters last year. Because of landslip some rice fields got damaged and have to be restored before they can be used again.

On March 9th we helped with a group of thirteen volunteers to remove dirt from one of those fields and tried to rebuild some of the damaged paths with stones and sand. The cleanup efforts started at 10am and finished around 5 o`clock in the afternoon. Even the work on the field was really exhausting everybody enjoyed their time and was glad to spend their free day to help the people from Joyo Village.

IMG_1654 IMG_1649

In the end it was just a little piece of restoring the area but it feels very good to be a small part of the whole reestablishment.


Ariki River

Annual event: Fukuoka River clean up

Current participants and past groundwork volunteers, officers of Miyawaka city and people from the local community came together for the annual cleanup of one ofFukuoka’s rivers. This year the organization choseArikiRiver, located in Miyakawa city, about an hour outside the city.  Despite the heavy rain in the morning, all of the participants (about 70 people, including children) were eager to clear away the overgrown weeds on the rive bank. With rakes and garbage bags in hand and cheerful volunteer spirit, the Ariki River was cleaned in no time.

Volunteers come together to clean Ariki river

 It was a great opportunity to bring people of all ages together for the common purpose of preserving and enhancing the local environment.

Afterwards, the diligent participants were rewarded with a barbecue complete with grilled pork, yakisoba, grilled shrimps, cake and lots of other tasty food. Luckily the rain had stopped and we were able to celebrate our hard work and the reunion with some of the now grown-up participants in the 1999 middle school study program inBritain. Since it was a reunion, everyone introduced him or herself and explained where their lives have taken them over the past twelve years.

Returning Groundwork participants sharing life stories

 It was interesting to see how each one’s life has gone in different directions and how they have developed into such admirable young men and women. Some were already married with children, some were studying at university and some were already dedicated workers in famous companies. We spent a delightful afternoon eating delicious food, getting to know each other, as well as talking about Groundwork Fukuoka’s past and futur

Written by

Samantha and Alisa

ふくおか川の大掃除 – general cleaning of the Fukuoka river

On Sunday, the 24th of October 2010, the annual general cleaning of the Fukuoka river took place in Kawasakimachi this time.
Unfortunately, it was a very rainy day, but nevertheless a large amount of people, approximately one hundred, had gathered to support this project which aimed at protecting the environment. The official beginning of the cleaning was at 10AM. Before, a couple of men from the town had begun to build up a protective tent and to arrange necessary working tools.
When it was time to start the project, most volunteer participants – under them older people as well as school children – assembled around the tent with the information desk to collect a pair of gloves, tools and garbage bags. Soon everyone was scattered around the river and freed the area of weeds and tall plants.
At about 12PM most of the work was done, acceptance speeches were held and the garbage was removed with the help of some vans. In the meantime, the rain had changed the ground into a muddy puddle and everyone was looking forward to take a bath after the hard work.
It was a good feeling to see everybody getting along and helping each other out. Besides the sound of the rain, the air was filled with the voices of people chatting and laughing. In the end, it was a nice morning and everyone could be satisfied with the successful cleaning of the river area.

(written by Julia)