Intern Report: Umi Freai Farm Event

On Sunday 13th Groundwork Fukuoka held their monthly event in the town Umi. Unlike one week before, when the event first should have been held, the foreshadowed rain didn´t occurred at all which was quite in our favor.

The small town is a bit outside of Fukuoka so we had to go there by car. First we went to the private house of a member of Groundwork, where we picked up all the necessary materials like shovel, pickaxe, seeds, flower soil etc. After that we unloaded and prepared everything for the event at the field site. About 9:30 o´clock, when everything was prepared and ready, 15 people in total gathered and took part this time.

At first we started with removing the weed from the potato bed. Afterwards we put flower soil and seeds into small plant pots which then were poured with water to help them grow over the next few weeks. In the meantime somebody strew lime fertilizer over some part of the vegetable patch while I mixed it with the soil, which was done to prepare the bed for the next farming. At last we planted a lot of flowers called Livingstone Daisy which were prepared the last time, in front of the wall next to the field. I am really looking forward to see how they will grow over the next few months.

Summarizing, the event made a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed themselves. All the tasks were done pretty fast because everybody was motivated and helped each other. Therefore we were done about launch time and after cleaning up together everybody went back home.


Written by Marcel


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