Self-Introduction: Marcel

Marcel Drexel - Bewerbungsfoto - small

Hello, my name is Marcel. I am from Austria and 25 years old. I am currently studying Sports-, Culture- and Eventmanagement at the FH Kufstein in Tyrol (Austria) and will graduate this summer. In my last semester I have to do an internship which I wanted to do in Japan and luckily be able to do at Groundwork Fukuoka from March to June 2016.

The reason why I have become so keen on Japan was due to two occasions. First, unknowingly growing up with Anime from Japan in my childhood, it was my passion to these kinds of series and pure curiosity which dragged me deeper and deeper into the japanese culture. After a lot of researching and reading about this totally different culture, I set my mind to visit and explore Japan when I grew older. It took only a few years until my dream could come true. During my studies it is mandatory to do a semester abroad, which didn´t take me long to set my destination. After the registration, planning and booking, I was finally being able to visit Japan und studied for one semester in Osaka in 2015. With a lot of enthusiasm and excitement I travelled around and explored as much as I could. Throughout this great time I really fell in love with this country, which encouraged me on deciding to do my Internship here as well and further enhance my japanese skills and knowledge of the japanese culture.

I am really looking forward to this internship and the next 4 months, which will definitely be a great time in my life.

Written by Marcel


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