9th Umi-fureai farm event

On March 6th (Sunday), as the last year is already over, the first activity of the New Year will be held at the “Umi-fureai farm”. Fureai means good interaction among people in Japanese.

Because of the cold temperatures the farm had to rest during the winter activities.
However, as spring is coming closer and the temperatures becoming warmer and warmer, the soil of this farm gets ready to be planted with several vegetables.

Since two years ago, Groundwork Fukuoka has taken advantage of the idle farmland of Umi-town and acts as a multi-generation meeting place for children up to the elderlies.
The vegetables, which will be planted first this year, are potatoes and leeks!

By all means, please feel free to join the event, even also if you have no experience yet.

We are looking forward to see you.

(Contact information)
NPO Groundwork Fukuoka
TEL 092-414-1234 / E-mail info@gwfukuoka.org

Umi Freai Farm

(Translation and design of the flyer by Lion)




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