Announcing the 9th summit of bamboo forest in Asakura

Japan is one of the most wooded countries in the world.

However, in the last years through to rapid changes in economy, industry and Japanese lifestyle, the bamboo tree loses more and more of its value. At many places the bamboo forests were just deforested.

Therefore, the thoughts of many people should be combined to create possibilities on how to raise awareness of this future problem. Thus, we invite you to the following event.


◆ Date: February 20, 2016 (Sat)
(12:30 reception; 13:00 Opening – 16:30 scheduled end)
◆ Location: Amagi Mizuno Bunka Mura
(831, Yanotake, Asakura City)
◆ Program:
– Activity report by bamboo forest activist group in Fukuoka
– Keynote speech by bamboo forest utilization advisor Mr. Shigeyuki Nonaka

– Exchange meeting (18:30̴)

※Contact to Groundwork Fukuoka Secretary office 【TEL】092-414-1234

※The event is also presented by Fukuoka NPO volunteer center under the following link



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