Intern Report: Field work

On Sunday 06.12 Groundwork Fukuoka held once again their monthly event in the town Umi. Because the town is far outside of Fukuoka, we had to go there by car. We first went to the private house of a member of Groundwork Fukuoka, where we picked up the necessary materials. After that we went to the field, where we unloaded the car and prepared things for the event.

All in all 10 people participated in the event. The weather was very cloudy, but it was not raining at all.

We started to harvest carrots, potatoes and other vegetables from the field. Meanwhile another small group started cleaning the fields, by doing collect all the weeds on the field. Therefore we made a small heap of weed, where we started to burn it. I helped to keep the fire burning by putting more and more weed in it. It was not that easy, because the weed was moist, so the fire stopped burning several times.

We also put fresh harvested potatoes in the fire to make baked potatoes and eat them afterwards. As most of the work was finished the people came together and ate the potatoes beaked in the fire. It was very delicious.

All in all it was a very successful event and it made a lot of fun, because everybody was nice and helped each other.


Written by Lion


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