Introduction of the new intern


Hello, my name is Cécile. I’m from Switzerland and 20 years old. At the moment I’m studying Japanese Studies and Popular Cultures at University of Zurich. I’d like to graduate next summer. Until the end of August I’ll do an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka.

My hobbies are travelling, languages, cooking, music, sports, meeting people and many more.

I’m interested in Asia since I was a child; in the food, the languages, the letters, the people and basically anything different. In primary school a friend showed me some Manga and I started to be especially interested in Japan. Because the different culture and language captivated me, I finally decided to study Japanese studies.

This is my third time visiting Japan. In 2013 I went to a language school in Fukuoka for one month and last summer I spent a month in Tokyo and joined an intercultural project. This time I decided to do an internship so I have more contact with the japanese people and culture and can improve my Japanese. Besides, I’d like see what working here is like, because I intend to work in Japan after my graduation.

I’m looking forward to a great internship!


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