Saturday’s event in Asakura

On Saturday Groundwork Fukuoka held a spring event where local and people from the urban area were gathering to cook and eat together in Asakura, a small town that is approximately a one hour car ride away from Fukuoka.


We met at 7:30 am and arrived an hour later at the event’s place to prepare everything before the first people arrived. We were looking forward to the event and even the forecast let us hope for sunshine and nice weather, after it had rained all day on Friday. It was quite cold in the morning, but during the day we had around 20゜C and the sun was shining.

For this event we were expecting around 50 people which was quite a lot, compared to the previous years. The first were arriving at around 9:00 am and at 9:45 am we were all meeting in the community center to welcome the people. Ai, our cooking pro for the day, introduced herself and motivated the people to have fun, harvest a lot of plants and enjoy the day.

At around 10am the people separated in two groups. Group A was leaving to look for wild edible plants, such as bambooP1080758 shoots, fuki (giant butterbur),udo, acanthopanax sciadophylloides, also called koshiabura in Japan, and more.

Course B was helping under the coordination of Ai in the community center to prepare Italian dishes, the meat of the wild boar and deer and pasta with the wild edible plants the other group P1080763harvested.

I was helping in the kitchen, although I couldn’t do that much, because following cooking instructions in Japanese was harder than I thought. So I did what I could and for the rest of the time enjoyed talking to people and the nice weather.

At around 2pm the food was mostly ready and everyone enjoyed it.


Since the weather was so nice, eating outside was possible as well. I told myself to try most of the food and surprisingly the edible plants tasted really nicely.

Around two hours later, 3pm, we started cleaning up the place. Many people stayed to help us and so we were done two hours later and arrived in Fukuoka at 6:30 pm.

Altogether it was a nice, but exhausting day. The atmosphere was really great and everyone was in the good mood. Coming from Berlin, I rarely see the countryside and this was my first time seeing it in Japan. The air was different and fresher for sure and it was beautiful and all green, but I still prefer the city. After all it was an awesome experience I was able to make with Groundwork Fukuoka.



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