(Intern report) Peas again

On 6th February, We, Groundwork Fukuoka, went to Umi once again, but this time not only to do some Fieldwork.

We left the office at 9:30am, on the way to Umi we picked up a member of NPO Green caravan. When we arrived, it was around 10:15am, first we went to a volunteer center named Fumirapo. There we meet with to other people of Green caravan and some members of NPO Yokatai. Also some other people came to there.

We had arranged a lecture meeting about the influence of nutrition to the life and the importance of healthy eating. While we listen to the lecture, it began to snow.

After the lecture, Green caravan and Groundwork Fukuoka went to the same restaurant where I had been with Kana-san last week. This restaurant is run by NPO Yokatai. Again the food was very delicious and after finishing the lunch, we finally went to the field. It was still snowing and we began to build a growth support for the peas additional to the snow there was also a strong wind blowing over the field. We were 9 people working on the field, but after we had finished half the work we had to stop, because it was getting to cold. In the end we had built the framework of both rows.framework

We drove back to Fumirapo to warm up and to decide what will be planted next year. We wrote our proposals on a sheet which got attach at a whiteboard. Thenwe decide which plants should we grow.

In the end we decided to grow potatoes, tomatoes, edamame (green soybeans), taro (colocasia esculenta), pumpkins, wild rice and oriental pickling melons, this is a special melon which is not sweet.

In the end it was also a very nice day, despite of the cold weather and the snow. I think we will finish our work on the field next week and I am really looking forward to it.

Written by Maximilian Grunow


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