(Intern report) Peas and Daisies


Groundwork Fukuoka has a lot of different projects in cooperation with other organisations.

from the left to the right:
Peas, Daisies, Peas, Daisies

One of these projects is the cultivation of Snap peas (スナップエンドウ) and Crown daisy (シュンギク). This Project takes place in Umi (宇美町), a small town close to Fukuoka.

Two days ago (01.21.14) Kana-san, a staff member of Groundwork Fukuoka, and I went to the Umi to check the growing of the crops. It was a nice, sunny day, with clear blue sky, the perfect day to do some field work.


We arrived at 11am at the field. The field comprised 4 rows of Plants, 2 rows of each plant. To protect the plants from the cold weather, the earth around the peas was covered with a black mulching sheets. The Crown daisies got a Greenhouse, made out of a transparent tarpaulin. At first we weeded the field. A few minuets after we started working, 3 members of Green Caravan arrived and helped us with the work. The Snap Peas were growing well. But, because of the cold weather, the Crown daisies were not able to grow. Also the Greenhouse, could not changed this, so we decided to abandon these plants.


After finishing work, the members of Green Caravan invited us to a restaurant. This restaurant was lead by handicapped people. In this restaurant they serve meals, with the vegetables they grow themselves. The resturante was not that big, but it had a nice atmosphere and the food was very delicious.


In the end it was an very nice day, which Ifeltrather hzoliday than work. The people were very nice and I realy enjoied the trip. I hope there will be more days like these in the future.

Written by Maximilinan Grunow

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