(Intern report) Self-Introduction

Me 001


my name is Maximilian Grunow, I am a 18 years old German form cologne (Köln).

After finishing school last year, I wanted to study geophysics and meteorology at the University of cologne.

But I could not start studying in the winter semester ,because of the change from G9 (13 years at school) to G8 (12 years at school) there were to many students, so I have to start studying in the summer semester this year.

Because I had a lot of time until going to the University, I started to work at my old school as an tutor. After 2 month of working I started thinking about travelling around. The choose of my destination did not last very long and so I started planing my travel to Japan. After a few days I started thinking about what to do in Japan. Just travelling around were one possibility , but because I can not speak very much Japanese this was not the best Idea. Another possibility was to take Japanese lessons in Japan. This was much better ,but 3 Month of doing Japanese lessons only, also was not what I wanted to do. So I decided to take 2 weeks of lessons and doing an internship at the rest of the time. I also decided to take a flight one week before the beginning of my Japanese lessons, because the tickets were much cheaper than a week later. With this decision I safed 400€ (¥56000). After one month of planing, the way to Japan was prepared so that I could arrive at he 12/30/2013 at Fukuoka airport. My intership should be in an organisation called Groundwork. After doing researches about these organisation on the internet I found a lot of positive experiences reports of other people who did an internship in it. So I decide did my intership there.

After arriving at Fukuoka, the first thing I recognised was that the escalator was talking to me, first I was wondering who was talking to me and so I looked around. After a few seconds I realised that the voice was coming out of an speaker at the escalator, at this moment the escalator ended and I, still wondering about the use of these announcement, nearly feld down. Later I found out that the voice out of the speaker has tried to warn me before the end of the escalator.

I am now 3 weekes here in Fukuoka and I met a lot of nice people and I am looking forward to the next 2 month here at Groundwork. I think I will have a great time and that I will meet a lot of nice and friendly people while my internship.

Writen by Maximilian Grunow


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