Final Intern Report

Now I have finished my 2 month internship at Groundwork Fukuoka. It was a very interesting and funny time and I have learned a lot of the Japanese culture and also the language!

One of the best things was that I have done work in the office and I also was allowed to work with the events, which was very interesting. The most exiting work was to upload the business cards in new software. It was so interesting, because i have learned a lot of Kanji which are very difficult. I liked this work, because for me it was very difficult and challenging.


I also did outside work for example planting potatoes, rice and selling Ayu fish at festivals. The events were always funny and I always was looking forward to the next. The first event was the potato field in Yame City. The potatoes are for Japanese alcohol Shochu named “Kan”. The planting of potatoes was a nice contrast to the office work and since the employees were very nice, we always had a lot of fun. After one week in the office we went to “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, where we planted rice at a small field and weeded. We also went there one month later for the same. The second time we worked with new employees of Panasonic. That was very interesting because they were very young and I have spoken a lot of Japanese with them.

P11600114 DSCF4171

A week later, Groundwork Fukuoka has produced Miso (a Japanese paste consisting of rice and soybeans). That was really interesting. I never saw this before because we don´t have Miso in Germany. It took 3 days make Miso and at the 4th Day we finished the project with the help of many children. At the last 4 weekends we sold Ayu fish. That event was my favorite, because I like Ayu fish very much and I ate many fish! First we were in Sanren suisya no sato Asakura a little bit outside of the city Fukuoka. We don´t only sold the Ayu fish, but also children caught the fish in a small pool and we grilled it after that. It was so much fun to see the children try to catch and eat the Ayu fish. One Saturday we joined “KBC Mizu to Midori no Monogatari” festival to sell lunchboxes with Ayu fish and salt which is made in Kesennuma City (Tohoku). It was very fascinating because I have now familiar with people from the other side of a booth. Only one thing I don´t liked, the very hard sun! I got a very heavy sunburn so that I couldn´t come to work for a few days. It was always so hot but it was a very good time with the nice people and a good work.



Now my time in Fukuoka is over and I look back with a satisfied look on a nice time with much new acquaintance and most experience at Groundwork Fukuoka.

written by Peter


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