intern report – KBC Mizu to Midori no Monogatari

On the 3 of August the Broadcast Station KBC in Fukuoka organized the Festival “KBC Mizu to Midori no Monogatari” (KBC水と緑の物語) in Tenjin (天神). Groundwork Fukuoka and 2 other NPO from Fukuoka had joined the Festival. The Festival started at 9 am and Groundwork Fukuoka sold Ayu fish and salt which is made in Kesennuma City (Tohoku).

IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3488

It was a very nice and sunny day and many people came to the Festival. At the Festival, there was many things to buy. A lot of food like fruits, Ice Cream, grilled meat and fish like Ayu from Groundwork Fukuoka, but also some other stuff like cosmetic or toys for children. In the middle of the Festival was a big stage, where groups showed their dance or some Singer was singing a Song. It was very different music and I think, the old people and the young people had a lot of fun with the entertainment. The festival end at maybe 5 pm and we all were very exhausted and happy that it was over because it was so hot all day.

written by Peter


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