intern report – Events of catching Ayu

On the 20th July was a event in Sanren suisya no sato Asakura (三連水車の里あさくら) organized by “Enyakobo LLC” but also “Groundwork Fukuoka” and “Fukuoka Prefecture” have helped. The Event was held to promote Ayu fish.


On Friday before the event, we have already started with the preparations. Saturday morning we started very early as we had to prepare some more. It was a very hot day with maybe 37 degrees. We had a small pool for many small fishes, at this pool the children can catch the fishes and if they got one, they got a Yakisakana (roast fish) from us.

IMG_3384 IMG_3394

We have made ca. 120 grilled fishes and it was so delicious. There was also a shaved ice stand with delicious shaved ice. ca. 35 children have joined the event and it was very much fun to watch how the children try to catch the fishes. It was so fantastic to see if the children have caught a fish and then ate a fish full of pride.


After maybe 4 o´clock we were finished and began to clean up. The cleaning up was also funny and we had very much fun because the people are nice and so we were very fast. Because the sun was so strong I got a heavy sunburn but that´s no problem because it was a very funny day.


written by Peter


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