Intern reprot – 2013.06.18 “CAN” project

On June 18 we went to Yame City (八女市上陽町生駒野) (a bit outside of town Fukuoka) to plant sweet potatoes for the alcohol Shochu (焼酎).
We launched the “CAN” project 2013. This project aims at the regeneration of Joyo town (in Yame City) which has been suffering from depopulation and deactivation. The proceeds of the Shochu sale will go to the Joyo Wealth Fund. We gathered at 9 O´clock in the morning. After an hour ride we arrived at the place and have begun to prepare the field for planting. At the beginning the weather was great as it was not too hot and always a cool wind was towards, but at the end it rained a little bit. Because we were almost finished, the rain did not bother us. The work itself was not difficult, and a nice variety of office life. It made a lot of fun. After work we ate a delicious Japanese lunch together. To eat the Japanese food is always delicious but after working it tastes even better! I look forward to more projects of this kind. It was a beautiful day with a pleasant working and nice work colleagues.






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