Sightseeing and product exhibition of Yame and Oku-yame

On Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th of May Yame city, which suffered serious damage from the northern Kyushu heavy rain in last July, advertized their fine figure towards revival in the public square in front of the Fukuoka city office.

On both days the sun was shining all time and a lot of people came to spend their free time on the exhibition. The traders from Yame were selling food, drinks and other products of their stores and besides the delicious meals the visitors could also enjoy life acts on the stage. Furthermore technical interested people could join one of the offered workshops and for example make chopsticks with their own hands.




Groundwork Fukuoka was also active on these days and together with two ladies from Yame, we sold fried Ayu and Syochu. The selling was really successful and on Saturday we were able to sell all the fish we had in stock. Even it was very hot I really enjoyed the work and was happy to meet so many nice and interesting people.



I honestly think that on this weekend the people from Yame really represented the recovery of their hometown and send a clear message about their reestablishment to the public.



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