(Intern Report) Spring-Cleaning at Herb Garden

On the 23rd of April about 80 volunteer workers came to “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind and visually impaired children, to renew the herb garden next by and to experience the sense of community during volunteer work.

A lot of newly-hired employees from the Fukuoka Financial Group joined the work for volunteer experience this time. Some workers of the “Green-Caravan” Non-Profit-Organisation, families of the school and of course members from Groundwork Fukuoka came to help with the cleaning efforts as usual.
Before we started, “Herb Garden” was in a really bad condition and everybody knew that a lot of work needed to be done.

DSCF3708   DSCF3710

After all volunteers arrived and got introduced by the schools director, we split up in several groups to clean up different parts of the garden.
One group was responsible for the flower-beds. They were removing old weeds and planting new flowers.

DSCF3734   DSCF3729

The most of the volunteers were moving the lawn and collecting the cut grass.

DSCF3728   DSCF3732

An other team was restoring the biotope with cleaning the creek and garden paths.

DSCF3725   DSCF3737

A few people were cleaning the pavilion and removing weeds from the floor plates.

DSCF3718   DSCF3747

After two or three hours, we finished our work around 4 o`clock in the afternoon. Even if it was a little bit cold and rainy on this day, everybody enjoyed their time at “Herb Garden” and was happy to see the result afterwards.



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