Flower Joint Concert Part 15

Visit this year’s part of Groundwork Fukuoka’s annual Flower Joint Concert to enjoy wonderful music while helping to create a 22nd century society where everyone can live happily.



Since 1997 the “Flower Joint Concert” offers music as well as dance performances, painting, poetry and lots of other art activities, which are presented by handicapped children and adults, who overcome their disabilities on stage in order to impress the mixed audience (handicapped and non-handicapped) and give everyone a joyful time.

The concert’s focus doesn’t lie on the handicaps. Instead the music is used as a medium to reveal all those wonderful individual personalities and to underline the splendor of life and existence. No matter if handicapped or not, every human being is a precious enrichment. Asking for mutual respect and support, the “Flower Joint Concert” is a step towards the barrier-free society Groundwork Fukuoka aims at.


Since Groundwork Fukuoka provides environmental as well as social welfare activities, the concert tries to combine both fields by connecting flowers with singing. So with respect to our nature, the venue will be decorated with winter sunflowers that were planted in volunteer work on Umi’s fallow land in October 2012. As Groundwork chose sunflowers as the symbol for their “You are wonderful” campaign, it is also a pleading for more respect and tolerance among people.

Flowers, environment, sustainable town planning, music, understanding of people with disabilities – everyone who is at least interested in one of these topics should come to the “Flower Joint Concert”. Spend a good time and understand the concert’s message. This is the first step towards the realization of a society where everyone can live a life in happiness.


1.)   Deaf body percussion Club

Body percussion is “even without an instrument, even if I can’t read the notes, even if I can’t sing a song, everyone can enjoy the sound” music. The body is used as an instrument. So everybody can join in and enjoy together.

Music education, the healthy development of children as well as international exchanges – the group from Kurume is not only providing their activities for the local hearing impaired but is also offering support for a wide variety of children and citizens all across the country.

2.)   Kōno Shōhei (piano)

In 1979 the artist – a former student of the Chikushigaoka Prefectural High School – suffered blindness as the result of an accident during a scientific experiment.

Nevertheless he was able to successfully pass the entrance exam for Kyūshū University’s Faculty of Law using Braille in 1985. 1993 the artist passed the teacher recruitment examination of Fukuoka Prefecture. Currently he is working as a teacher at a special-needs school. Moreover the musician visits local schools and community centers where he spreads interest for his way of playing the piano and tries to give enlightenment about the visually impaired in order to reduce prejudices.

3.)   Okuda Seiya (dancer)

As a teenager he already has been an actor and successful musician, but mainly assisted other talents. Numerous commercial performances finally turned him into a famous talent as well. In recent years the artist appeared in advertisements for “National JOBA” and the “Ad Council Japan” showing his choreographies. Furthermore he supported the “Last Life” welfare campaign of singer Kobayashi Yuka in 2010. Twice a month the dancer offers barrier-free workshops for people with disabilities and their families in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture.

4.)   Pure Heart (band)

When they gave their debut in November 2004 the band only had one song. By now the number of titles increased to 20. Beyond that they perform about 50 times every year – on local and city events, school festivals as well as company events. Because many people have difficulties to understand intellectual disability, Pure Heart made it their business to make the audience gain interest and knowledge. They want to convince people that regardless of their handicap they are able to make wonderful music everyone can enjoy.

5.)   Yamaguchi Chie (paintress)

Yamaguchi Chie was born in 1989. Ten months after her birth, she had to undertake surgery because of a heart disease, but multiple organ failure complicated her uremia. Due to acute encephalopathy, her whole body was paralyzed. Due to rehabilitation, the paralysis only lasted until she was three years old and so she slowly became able to walk for the first time in her life. When she was about five years old, as a hobby and a form of rehabilitation, she started learning how to paint under the tutelage of her teacher, Fuji Junko. At the age of sixteen, by recommendation of her teacher, a picture of hers was accepted at the Pacific Western Japanese Exhibition (Taiheiyou Nishinihon Ten). When she was seventeen, she was chosen to be the winner of said exhibition. From 2008 onwards she was exhibited at the Pacific Exhibition in Tokyo.


2013 / January / 14th




Arato 3 Chome 3-39, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City


* 7 minutes walk from Tojinmachi subway station
* 5 minutes walk from Kuromon bus station
* 1 minute walk from Fukudaiwakaba Kokomae bus station


500 YEN

To the Groundwork Fukuoka Office:

–       Name

–       Number of requested tickets

–       Contact phone number

You will receive your ticket after payment at the venue.

Beyond that, tickets will also be sold directly at the Groundwork Fukuoka’s office. Please feel free to contact us in case of further questions.


Non Profit Organization Groundwork Fukuoka

4F, Nichidai Bldg., 2-16-8 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, FUKUOKA, 812-0017 JAPAN

TEL: +81 –(92)-414-1234                              FAX: +81 –(92)-414-1155

E-mail: gw-fuku@d3.dion.ne.jp         WEB: http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~gw-fuku/


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