My name is Andreas. I am 19 years old and come from Germany. After I had graduated from High School earlier this year I made one of my biggest dreams come true. I went to Japan to learn Japanese, to experience the culture and society as well as to see if there is a personal future for me in the Land of the Rising Sun.

From today on I am going to do a three-month internship at Groundwork Fukuoka.

Like many other foreign students I met in Japan so far, I am also very interested in Japanese pop-culture including anime, manga and JPop. Nevertheless the preparation for my year abroad also showed me that Japan offers even more: a rich history, a lot of traditions which are worth preserving, wonderful landscapes, kind as well as hospitable people and last but not least delicious food (So far, Ramen is my all-time favorite).

Since I strongly believe that environmental protection and the improvement of our society with the goal of reaching a higher level of sustainability is essential. I am glad to become a part of Groundwork Fukuoka. And although my Japanese is still rather poor, I will do my best to help improving Japan, the country I love so much,




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