[Intern report] Working in the Herb Garden

On the 6th October 2012, we went to the herb garden. This herb garden belongs to the “Fukuoka Shikaku Tokubetsu Shien School”, a school for blind children, and was built for the pupils. We got there to renew it and make it more beautiful. A lot of persons participated. There was the Groundwork Fukuoka Staff Members, the Panasonic System Networks Ltd. Staff Members and also persons how were somehow connected to the school, e.g. the student’s parents, or wanted to help. All together we were around 80 persons.

At first we did some warming up, to get familiar with each other.

To work most efficiently, we divided into 6 groups.
Group 1 renewed the herb flowerbeds.

Group 2 was in charge of taking care of the star shaped flowerbed. Their task was e.g. to renew the soil and plant flowers.

Group 3 put the wooden blocks, which were around the trees, deeper into the soil and planted afterwards some flowers around them.

Group 4 was in charge of cleaning and painting the bridges, the pond and the waterway.

Group 5 and 6 made bread and curry rice for lunch.

I was in the group 3. We were 15 persons for 4 trees. Everyone did their best to help and we could finish our task faster than I imagined. I want to say that it was really funny and it made me happy, how everyone helped each other, it didn’t matter to which group they belonged. After finishing our work some persons created herbal wreaths.

It seemed that everyone enjoyed the day and was proud of what they did. After eating the delicious bread and curry rise I helped cleaning and tiding up before we went back around 15 o’clock. In my opinion it was a very successful day.

Written by: Sarah


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