[Intern report] Planting Winter Sunflowers

8th October 2012, we went to Umimachi (宇美町) to plant Sunflowers for the winter. Or to be more precise we put the Sunflower seeds into the soil and they are going to bloom in winter. There will be a “flower joint concert” in January and it is planed that the hall where it takes place will be decorated with these sunflowers.

24 persons participated in this event. There were younger and older persons and also someone from Korea helped out. We started around 10 o’clock.

To plant the Sunflowers was very exhausting. I think the main reason for this was the weather. It was very hot and the whole field was in the sun. During the break and after we finished planting the seeds, we got cake from the Korean family and Onigiri from the estate’s owner’s family. Both were very delicious.

Afterwards everyone seemed to be very tired, but you got the feeling that they were happy that they participated.

I also was very exhausted and tired, but I was very happy too. I think, although it was a much harder work as I thought, it was a lot of fun. And I’m very glad I could have participated and was able to work side by side with the other participants. It was a very nice feeling and I would definitely help again.

Written by: Sarah


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