[Intern Report] Summer Holidays in Fukuoka

From August the 8th to 24th 2012, 16 children, in the age from 9 to 12, from Fukushima visited Fukuoka to spend their summer holidays here. The goal was to give them a great vacation and make them forget about the horrible things, which they had to endure during the last year. Groundwork Fukuoka members and students from the Fukuoka Education College participated as volunteers during the week.

The biggest part of the week we spent at the Camp “Genkainoie” in Munakata city. During our time there we did a huge variety of funny activities. We went to the Fukuoka Marine Technology Center to make fish pastry “kamaboko”, we met the mayor of the city of Munakata, and we cooked and ate your own curry and ice cream. Over all it`s safe to say that we had a lot of fun.



However their also was time for the children to do their homework, which they had brought with them from Fukushima.


All the children were so full of live and energy that it was a joy to watch them play. Even though my Japanese still isn`t very good, the children accepted me soon and it was a lot of fun playing with them. When playing with me the children`s favorite game was Tag. I pretended to be a Zombie and chased the screaming kids around the area. We played that game over and over and even when I was completely exhausted they screamed “Oniisan, Oniisan! Do the zombie again”!

It was such a great, but also very exhausting experience to spend the week with those children. So when I finally came back, I had to sleep an entire day to recover.

During the week all the children got into my heart and so when it was time to say goodbye it was a very sad a painful moment for me.

However over all it was a great time and all of us, adults and children had a lot of fun. So far this week was by far the best time I had at Groundwork. And since there were so many great activates with Groundwork that means a lot!


Written by Friedrich


One thought on “[Intern Report] Summer Holidays in Fukuoka

  1. Friedrich, what a lovely report. Otani Taeto-san and his dedicated staff at Groundwork Fukuoka continually bring joy and happiness in to the lives of people with whom they are in contact.

    It must have been wonderful for the children to breathe unpolluted air and have no restrictions on where they could visit.

    Good luck for your future, when you will return to Germany, you will take a treasure chest of wonderful memories with you.


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