(Intern Report) August 11th 2012 – Herb Garden

On August 11th we went again to the school in Chikushino for blind and visually impaired children to remove weeds in their herb garden. Groundwork Fukuoka staff participated as well as the NPO “Midori-no-caran-tai”, who will participate fro

m now on frequently at our activities and other volunteers. In total we were around 20 people.

The flowerbeds were completely overgrown with weed, so we worked hard to remove it all and bring the flowerbeds in a good shape.

The herbs we had planted during June, had been growing large, and they spread a wonderful bloom all over the garden.

The weather was great. The sun was shining and we all enjoyed it very much to work in the clean fresh air.

Written by Friedrich


One thought on “(Intern Report) August 11th 2012 – Herb Garden

  1. It was good to read Friedrich’s report.

    The raised flower and herb gardens are important in the lives of the young people attending the school at Chikushino.

    The different fragrances on a warm day, when the children are in the garden must have quite an impact on their sense of smell. I love the smell of the lavender in my garden here in Wales.

    I can empathise with the state of the flower beds. A wet summer, the worst recorded in 100 years in the UK, with just a few days of sunshine in between, my flower beds were overgrown with weeds. I am still trying to get rid of them.

    Best wishes.


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