(Intern Report) Internship Completion – August 3, 2012

The past three months at Groundwork Fukuoka have been wonderful. My supervisors are very kind and also, the other intern, Fredrich, has been great company during my stay. It was a little difficult because I was unable to speak Japanese but fortunately, my co-workers were able to speak English to me. I really appreciated all their help!

 I learned a lot from working in the office. I realized how much work goes into everything we make such as making the pamphlets and brochures, organizing documents and writing reports.

 I enjoyed the day trips that we have done. They are very memorable. I love telling my friends and family about these trips and showing many of our pictures. We helped to plant sweet potatoes and an herb garden, and we also picked plums in an orchard. These trips were very interesting and everyone had a wonderful time!

 On one of our trips, we cleaned up a building that was affected by the flood disaster. It gave me valuable experience for my major (Human Security) in university. I was happy to help and felt that I was making a difference which shows that my major is a good choice for me.

During my time here, I worked on a report on fundraising events that the U.S. organizations hold and how Groundwork Fukuoka may be able to adopt some of these methods. I gave a short speech to the office and other members of Groundwork Fukuoka. It was short but it was very difficult in Japanese. I was so nervous!! Everyone was very kind and my supervisor helped me the whole time which I really appreciated!!

Overall, this experience was unforgettable to me! I hope that future interns will have just as much fun as I did!


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