(Intern Report) June 9th 2012 – Herb Garden

We arrived early at the school in Chikushino for blind and visually impaired children. Groundwork Fukuoka visits annually to renew the garden which was created by Groundwork Fukuoka for the children. At first, we assembled in the gym for an opening ceremony. There were many volunteers.Groundwork Fukuoka staff participated as well as Panasonic, who graciously sent 50 employees to help. The other volunteers were the school staff, students, families and friends.

Everyone seemed very excited to start planting. Each step was shown along the way starting with digging up weeds. We made some small holes to transfer the new, small plants into. Some of the flowers had already bloomed and others were waiting to bloom soon.  Afterwards, we watered the newly transferred plants.  We spent hours working together to finish up the planting and were rewarded for our hard work with home-made pizza and curry rice. For drinks, there were different types of tea available.  We had been a little worried about the weather which had seemed cloudy and slightly rainy.  The clouds cleared and it began to warm up. Overall, it was a very successful day and brought many people together to complete something very wonderful.



Written by Stacy and Friedrich


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