Memories of today ~ from local inhabitants

The chairman of the administration for disaster management in Tsuyaosawaku, Mr. Umeo Sugawara talked about the past events and up coming aid activities.


  • At 02:46 p.m. a massive earthquake happend. Approximately 20 minutes later a huge tsunami hit the Tohoku area.
  • The designated shelter “Osawa center for a better life” was washed away.
  • After the Earthquake, the locals assembled at a square within the fishing Village. Everyone was completely soaked and had nothing left, but the cloth which they were wearing then. They were traumatized to the level that they had lost the ability to speak.

The aid activities of the administration for disaster management

  • Creation of the administration for disaster management by the support association of Tsuyaosawa in the center.
  • Since the shelter wasn`t fully authorized by the government first, it was difficult to get the necessary food supplies and information available to the inhabitants. Thanks to their negotiations, they finally got the authorization from the government.
  • In order to make it least stressful for the victims as possible, the method of distributions had been devised. Furthermore a form was created, in which the victims could list all the damage their property had suffered.


The voice of the victims

Everybody, even those who were forced to evacuate, want to return to Oosawa. “At first we will take back the original Oosawa and then create a new Oosawa.


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