Column of the Himawari Foundation


Immediately after the Earthquake Groundwork Fukuoka got some massage caring about their safety from their friends in and outside Japans. The 18 years long friendship with Groundwork Merthyr & Rhondda Cynon Taff (Great Britain) enabled an instant help. They set up a found for us to support the aid programs and founded a team with the task to coordinate the allocation of the aid money. Furthermore Groundwork M & RC organized charity events to collect money for the suffering people. As the Chairman of Groundwork M & RC Ms.Lynfa Phillips finally came toFukuokaon October 2011, she presented donations (sum 979,253 Yen). The team still exists today and continues with its efforts to accumulate donations.

(We, Groundwork Fukuoka are deeply grateful to all the help given by many volunteers for Himawari Foundation. The donations are used for the necessary aid programs in the disaster zone. However to ensure a long-time help the Himwari Foundation still depends on further help. Therefore please continue to support us in the future)


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