Activity report 4: The invitation of elementary school pupils (12.23. – 12.28.2011)

From the12.23.2011 to 12.28.2011, 15 elementary school pupils (seven boys and eight girls; age 9 to 12 years) fromFukushimawere invited to spend their Christmas holidays inFukuoka.

The first question the children asked after they had left the plain was: “How high is the radiation level here?Those words let us notice, how important it was to make them forget about the past events and give them a chance of great holidays.

During their visit they got to know about traditional handwork and made a calendar out of dried flowers while they stayed in Kyukawaguchitei (it’s an old Japanese style house) in Joyo-town, Yame city.  Further they have visited the Dazaifu shrine and joined a sports event together with the seminar participants of a  pedagogical college.

The main event has been the Christmas party on the 12.24. In the “home of the fireflies and the stone bridge” the party was being prepared since the early morning.  Candles were crafted, cake was baked and the Christmas tale prepared by themselves. Meanwhile the children were also playing at the river Hoshino, which is close by. The smile on there little faces, while they were running around was heartwarming. The party started at 5 p.m. and the children celebrated together with the locals. Via Skype the girls and boys could speak with other children, who had flied from Fukushimato Chibaduring the same time. Afterwards the children could contact their parents via U-stream. Those said: “We are happy that you all seem so well. Please enjoy your time.”  Everybody was happy to speak with their loved ones in real time.

“We never want to go back to Fukushima!” said the children, when it was time to say goodbye heavy hearted


The Christmas party in Joyo                            At Kachouma beach


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