Ariki River

Annual event: Fukuoka River clean up

Current participants and past groundwork volunteers, officers of Miyawaka city and people from the local community came together for the annual cleanup of one ofFukuoka’s rivers. This year the organization choseArikiRiver, located in Miyakawa city, about an hour outside the city.  Despite the heavy rain in the morning, all of the participants (about 70 people, including children) were eager to clear away the overgrown weeds on the rive bank. With rakes and garbage bags in hand and cheerful volunteer spirit, the Ariki River was cleaned in no time.

Volunteers come together to clean Ariki river

 It was a great opportunity to bring people of all ages together for the common purpose of preserving and enhancing the local environment.

Afterwards, the diligent participants were rewarded with a barbecue complete with grilled pork, yakisoba, grilled shrimps, cake and lots of other tasty food. Luckily the rain had stopped and we were able to celebrate our hard work and the reunion with some of the now grown-up participants in the 1999 middle school study program inBritain. Since it was a reunion, everyone introduced him or herself and explained where their lives have taken them over the past twelve years.

Returning Groundwork participants sharing life stories

 It was interesting to see how each one’s life has gone in different directions and how they have developed into such admirable young men and women. Some were already married with children, some were studying at university and some were already dedicated workers in famous companies. We spent a delightful afternoon eating delicious food, getting to know each other, as well as talking about Groundwork Fukuoka’s past and futur

Written by

Samantha and Alisa


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