Selling farmers produce in Kurume.

On thursday the 4th of August at around 9AM Groundwork Fukuoka staff and volunteers met at the water festival in Kurume outside Kurume train station to sell farmers produce and other things. As usual for Japanese summer it was very hot and humid. There were different foods being sold which had been made by small farmers including yakisoba many different products made with Miso and also different types of food with seaweed also some onions all the way from Hokkaido! On one of the stalls also there were sweetfish being cooked next to many different types of green tea products including free samples! The products were being sold by Groundwork Fukuoka to bring exposure to products by small farmers and to help them. Also there was a stall with a water feature where freshwater crabs where being sold many children enjoyed playing with them. The money from this days sales is to go the Japan Groundwork Association. It was interesting to see energetic way Japanese people sell things.


This guy didn’t buy anything!


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