Making a path and planting rice to help visiually impared children.

On saturday 16th of July we arrived at 9:30 at the Fukuoka school for visually impared children there were nine of us in total there to make a path out of concrete. The sun was blistering down and it was very humid three of us were sunburnt. At the start Miyoshi-san who maintains the garden  showed us around the garden then we began mixing the cement and pouring it on to the path in sections and it was flattened out carefully using a piece of timber Miyoshi-san told us that the children need to walk on a perfectly flat surface.

After that we had a lunch break Otani-san bought Bentou for everyone and a cooler and blocks of ice to go in the green tea because it was so hot. Then we made a little path towards the lagoon with concrete tiles so the children could find a way into the water. Next we went to the paddy field and removed dead plants and mud before we could plant the rice our legs got very dirty in the rice paddy as we were removing the mud but it was also a very “cool” and soothing feeling on our skin.  When the mud removing was done we cleaned our legs and hands under the tap only to go back in the mud again to plant the rice! Antonia got bitten by many mosquitos. The rice planting was alot of fun albeit quite dirty and it was interesting to see how rice is planted in Japan because rice is an important staple in Japanese food.


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