Made from beans! Making miso project in Yame

In recent years, as the progressing depopulation and overaging of the village Hoshino starts to risk the Nakayama field scenery of the Yame district, the search for an effective exchange method of using the fallow land by both urban and rural participants goes on.

On one side the demand for natural experiences and handmade crafts from the rural areas has clearly risen within the urban districts. Reliable agricultural products and finished products experience an increase in demand as well.

Groundwork Fukuoka has started, regarding this background, miso class hold by the Hoshino master of 2006 in cooperation with the district. From next year on our hand seeded soy beans will have grown on the fallow land, called the “Made from beans! Making miso project”, from raw material handmade initiative has started. In order to make children who come for the stay in a mountain village participate in the cultivation of soybeans, since 2008 have been tried the following points:
–       use of fallow land
–       people exchange between rural and local areas
–       delivery of reliable food crafts in order to
–       enforce the meaning of food education.

Showing the harvest

The soy beans are planted every year in June. Cleaning the fields of weeds and covering them with soil during summer are to keep them maintained. The soybeans are harvested in November and then sold around the turn of the year.

Breed à green soybeans à soybeans à miso… and every participant experiences once more the process of changing one single soybean’s shape and recognizes the preciousness of food and agriculture.

 Everyone gave his pretty best!

This year the soy bean planting had been delayed due to rain but the cooperation with the local residents for this project is going on, so please inform our secretariat if you are interested in joining us!

More information about our work is going to follow.

written by Kaori

translated by Sonja


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