Potato Shochu Project: potato seedling planting on June 19th, 2011

The weather forecast was promising rain, rain and rain again. Still the Potato Shochu project’s elite of 10 people came together at the Furusato Warabekan in Joyo (Yame), dressed in colorful raincoats, heading towards the fields!


The ridges that have been furrowed before were, as you can see, filled up with water. Everyone was responsible for one line and put the seedlings at intervals of 35cm into the soil while the feet were stuck in the mud.

The intervals were determined with the help of sticks.

Following the instructions of the leader, all participants were nervous to do a mistake but in the end all of the 500 seedlings could safely be put under the earth.

From now on as soon as the seedlings have grown the rest of the space on the field can be replanted.
Furthermore Kuorki city buys the field this year so that the tillable space is supposed to double.

If you are interested in making Shochu while taking your very own time, please join our future activities!

May it be raining heavily, may the sun be shining bright, this work is much fun!

I myself am looking forward to see my ridge growing (which was, by the way, ridge number 19).

Why is everybody standing so tall? 🙂

(written by Kaori
translated by Sonja)


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