Maintenance of the herb garden of the Fukuoka school for visually impaired children

On Saturday, 18th of June, Groundwork Fukuoka once more invited to the Fukuoka school for visually impaired children.

At about 9.30 everyone gathered at the school’s herb garden. It may have been around 50 people taking part in the maintenance of the herb garden. The herbs had to be cut, grass to be mowed and the weeds to be torn out.


A huge amount of work had to be done but every participant was motivated to give his best. We could have been luckier with the weather though, it was cloudy, humid and raining a little every now and then.

In the meantime the children stayed in the gym playing games together with their teachers and parents. Besides teachers and mothers prepared the meal in the kitchen, a curry which turned out to be very delicious, and the children could make pizza by themselves which would later on be baked inside of the stone baking oven in the herb garden.

At about 1 o’clock the garden looked pretty and clean again. Then the stone baking oven experienced its dedication. A wooden plate handmade by the father of the school’s vice principal now decorates its roof.

Every participant was a great help and the children spent a fun day, and after enjoying the curry and the pizza together the families and other volunteers could head home towards their well-deserved relaxing time.

(written by Sonja)


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