Handmade Shochu Can Project

We would like to introduce a project to you that Groundwork has started in Joyo!

 It’s called “Handmade Shochu Can Project”, though its usual name is “Potato Shochu Project”.

In cooperation with local farmers as well as urban residents the project uses abandoned land in Joyo, Yame-shi.

 The Shochu made from sweet potatoes planted in June 2010 and harvested in November (you can find the – Japanese – report here) is now riped. The sale is expected to start in September.

As the depopulation of the mountainous area of Joyo progresses, the elderly live in uncertainty if they can maintain their future life (daily shopping, medical treatment etc). The proceeds of the Shochu sale will go to the Joyo Wealth Fund. This fund is to support the people in the depopulation zone in leading a stable and peaceful life.

We are looking forward to the soon start of our Shochu sale!

Further the period of the potato planting will be done on Sun. 06/19!

We are looking for volunteers to help, so if you would like to support us with your work please contact the Groundwork Fukuoka secretariat.

It really feels good to be at the top of the mountain on the fields!

(written by Kaori
translated by Sonja)


One thought on “Handmade Shochu Can Project

  1. Hello Kaori-san

    The Joyo Wealth Fund is an admirable amenity, a peaceful and stable life in such wonderful surroundings is vital to the Silver Citizens of Joyo.

    If I am able to visit Joyo this year, following the surgery I had to my right shoulder, I will most certainly purchase Schochu.

    Having had the wonderful experience of helping with the harvesting of the sweet potatoes on my visit last November, I am curious and although 99% teetotal, would love to taste the Schochu. I am sure it will taste better than vintage champagne.

    The potatoes were planted and harvested with love, I will never forget the view from that field, the sun shining on us, the air pure and clear, high up in the mountains of Joyo and last, but not least, the assistance I had from my two “little helpers”

    Best wishes.


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