On 16th of September 2010 approximately a dozen people, mainly from Africa, met in Joyo town in front of the Firefly and Stone Bridge Center. We went together into a traditional 150 year old Japanese house to attend a presentation of Mr. Otani. He presented Groundwork Fukuoka’s aims and activities regarding their interest to make this world a better place. Therefore the environment must be kept clean and disabled people must be integrated into society. Everybody and especially every child must be able to hope, dream and laugh. And it is our job to save the natural treasures of this planet for our children as well, because they will stay here for a longer time then we do ourselves and they shall be able to have a good future. People must talk to each other which will end up war and mistrust. Instead of fighting we should say one another: “You are wonderful!” This is the motto of Groundwork Fukuoka.

Groundwork engages in different projects all over the world. Groundwork Fukuoka engages especially in the support of the yame area and in the support of a school for blind children. In organizing different activities Groundwork tries not only to educate but also to give good experiences which shall bring different people together, make them talk and make them friends.

(Written by Verena)


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