Flower Joint Concert 2010

On the 22th of August, 2010, the members of Groundwork Fukuoka, as well as a group of interested people, came together in the University to celebrate the 13th Part of Groundwork’s famous Flower Joint Concert, a concert done for and by disabled people and children.This years opening act was “Kenkousou”, a band made up of disabled children and people, who quickly broke the ice between the performers on stage and the audience with their cheerful, happy version of “country roads”. Later on, they were joined by a groupe of rattle-players, who added a traditional japanese style to the band’s music.

Also very impressive was the performance of the “ALS Support Project”, whose emotional songs caught their listeners from the very first moment.

Fujimoto Shinobu astonished her listeners with a collection of classical piano songs, before she later on joined the Chikushi Country Herbs on the piano, who then gave their upbeat, positive closing performance. The last song was, of course, Groundwork Fukuoka’s Theme Song “You are wonderful!”

All in all, it was a joyful day that brought disabled and non-disabled people together, and a very good concert in it’s own right.
Stay tuned and look forward for next year’s Flower Joint Concert Part 14!

Written by Renee and Carl

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