Mantou Nagashi – Lantern Festival 2010

On August 16th the members of Groundwork Fukuoka, people and their children went to Joyo, Yame City to enjoy the great Lantern Fetsival.
Especially the children had their fun since there were several activities they could join. On the one hand you could design your very own lantern with your wishes or hopes written down on it. On the other hand a small shooting gallery and a little arena for Japanese spinning tops (called "koma" – a long string is twined around the spinning top with which it is catapulted to the ground) were built up.
Later they could fish in a small part of the river which was seperated
from the rest by a net. Meanwhile, the grownups built bamboo lanterns
to decorate the river bank and the entrance of the Fireflies and
Stonebridge Centre.
As the sun set, the lanterns were lightened up and were put into the
water where we watched them slowly float by and disappear into the
Since it was a great day we want to thank all the participants for their work and efforts!

Written by Carl & Renée



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