Yamaguchi Chie

Here comes a short report about Yamaguchi Chie, the artist who designed the poster for the Flower Joint Concert. Enjoy the story how she overcame her disability and became a respected artist, as it was written by her mother.
“Yamaguchi Chie
Yamaguchi Chie was born in 1989. Ten months after her birth, she had to undertake surgery because of a heart disease, but multiple organ failure complicated her uremia. Due to acute encephalopathy, her whole body was paralyzed. Due to rehabilitation, the paralysis only lasted until she was three years old and so she slowly became able to walk for the first time in her life. When she was about five years old, as a hobby and a form of rehabilitation, she started learning how to paint under the tutelage of her teacher, Fuji Junko. At the age of sixteen, by recommendation of her teacher, a picture of hers was accepted at the Pacific Western Japanese Exhebition (Taiheiyou Nishinihon Ten). When she was seventeen, she was chosen to be the winner of said exhibiton. From 2008 onwards, for three years in a row, she was exhibited at the Pacific Exhebition in Tokyo. Her work for this years exhibition, which is the 106th Pacific Exhebition (At the Fukuoka Art Gallery: 9/7~11), again, will be exhibited.”


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