Blueberry Picking in Yame City

On August 8th a group of interested people gathered near the Central Post Office in Tenjin to go on a trip to Joyo, Yame City to take part in the annual blueberry picking.
Even though the sun was burning down on us, everybody was very motivated and eager to participate in the harvest! After a short ride in Groundwork Fukuoka’s own bus, we arrived at the Fireflies and Stone Bridge Centre. From there we went to the middle of the mountains by car. The beauty of nature astonished each and everybody of our group from the very first moment. Just the mere view at the endless green tea fields opened our hearts.
At Tateishi Kazuyo’s hut we got our equipment for the picking and we were served delicious cold green tea. Now we were ready to pick blueberries!
Still it was very hot but the blueberries bushes lent us some shadow.
Everyone had a lot of fun and soon our excited chatter filled the air while our blueberry boxes overflew!Once we were done with picking, we returned to the centre to admire
Groundwork Fukuoka’s very own shop where they offer for example home
made blueberry jam.
Last but not least we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the nearby restaurant priding our achievement on the fields!

Written by Carl & Renée

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