19th June Event

As mentioned in the blog before, the event of the student meeting took place on the 19th of June at the school for the blind in Fukuoka. Unfortunately the students of this school had not participated due to rainy weather forecast. However a gathering of high school students came to take part. First we played so called ice-breakers which gave the possibility to get to know each other and effected a relaxed atmosphere among the group.

Afterwards we weeded the school gardens stone-path. Against the weather report, luckily it did not rain

When the work was done at 3 o’clock pm the high school students left and the members of the student meeting made a BBQ in the school garden. Later in the evening we drove to Joyo to spend the night in Kawaguchi Resident.

The next morning, we went to fields in the mountains to plant sweet potatoes for the so called `sweet potato project` (improving the local economy by planting sweet potatoes and brewing Shochu-liquor).

Even when it began to rain we did not call it a day and kept on working. It was really funny because we had neither working clothes nor working shoes; so inevitably we had to work bare-footed and in common clothes in pouring rain.

In the afternoon we finished planting and went on renovating and cleaning the former schoolhouse of Joyo.

For this laborious day we were rewarded with a delicious BBQ in the evening.
written by Maya

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