Discussion round in Joyo

On the 9th of June Otanisan, Saitosan, Steve, some participants of the student meeting and I, we went to Joyo. There, in the Kawaguchi-resident was a meeting and a round table discussion about regional economy and how to improve especially the economy of Joyo and Yame. A lot of diverse people attended this meeting. There were university professors, government officials, Joyo inhabitants, green-tea planter, a master brewer, representatives of a fishery association and some Groundwork members.

The tenor of this meeting was to introduce one’s own kind of work and how the local economy gets to be boosted by this work.

For example the master brewer: first he presented his factory, its history and work performance; afterwards he suggested how this factory is able to improve the regional economy and agriculture by growing sweet potatoes in Joyo for the Shouchuu-liquor.

Later the other participants discussed the suggestions, the contracts, necessities and costs.

It was very interesting to note the conversation between the member and how they come to a conclusion.


written by Maya




One thought on “Discussion round in Joyo

  1. Ohiyah gozaimus Kaori san and Otani san and all our friends in Groundwork Fukuoka –
    I am just off to do an interview with Roy Noble . BBC Wales who is our Patron of Greencare and supporting our ‘Lets help Japan’ appeal. I hope this will send a message to lots more people about the fantastic work you are doing and the great social need to help children and families . Will let you know how it all goes . Huw was out with his friends from Japanese class last night!! Love to all Margaret

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