Student meeting

Since April of this year a gathering of Fukuoka universities students get together weekly to organize jointly an event in June of this year.

The motto of this event is referring to the motto of Groundwork Fukuoka: to build a healthy environment where everybody is able to live happily without discrimination and prejudice and to facilitate human relations.

First it was intended to make a festivity in Joyo to point to a life at regional level and to bring city dweller and ruralists closer together.

But due to some technical difficulties, the event had to be displaced back to Fukuoka to a school for the blind.

This incident was a good experience for the students to learn how to deal successfully with unforeseen incidents and to be flexible.

The mentioned event takes place on Saturday of this week; some activities with the blind children and other interested participants are projected.

The signification of such student meetings is to offer students the opportunity to arrange their own project and to implement it collectively. Moreover it provides an insight into working life of a NPO and its diverse working methods.


written by Maya




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