Hiking on the Potential-Route


On Saturday the 29th of May groundwork-members and some students of Fukuoka-universities, we went to Joyo to march on the so called Potential-Route. Potential-Route is a composition of divers hiking trails and several outstanding places around Joyo and specially made for visitors. In Japanese the word ‘Potential’ is written with the Kanjis “Walk”, “Bicycle” and “Car”: 歩転車. That means that people can come by foot, by bicycle or by car, however they want.

The idea of Potential-Route had Outanisan and its key-note is to increase attendance in Joyo and to pitch a Joyo-visit to people.

To implement the key-note we took a lot of pictures of Joyo and surroundings, after these pictures will be published in Google-Maps for promotion, so that people can already see Joyo before they are going to visit it.

Actually there are some really beautiful and pristine places, hiking trails appareled with little stony god statues and the villagers of vicinity radiate heartiness and hospitality.


written by Maya




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